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ID: AB11042904 Server: Haomarush - GB - Horde
Level: 85 Price: €289.41
Details: Level 85 Tauren Feral Combat Druid. 361 ilvl Gear = High! 5200 Achieves, Vicious PVP Epic Gear, Titles: of the Nightfall / Kingslayer / Undying. Blue Drake Mount / Albino Drake / Great Brewfest Kodo / Cenarion War Hippo / Grand Balck War Mammoth. Red Proto Drake / Mechano-Hog / Tan Riding Camel. 1400 Justice Points, 1700 Valor Points, 2400 Honor Points, 525 Enchaitng, 525 Leatherworking, 525 First Aid, 83 Priest Alt. Very good acc

Character Information:

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